Explore Molecules Using Chemscape Chime

Instructions: If you don't have a Chime plug-in or are using Chime version 1.03 do the following:

1) Bookmark this page.

2) Read the rest of these instructions, then get the most current free version of Chime from MDL Information Systems here. It is easiest to download the required file to your computer's Desktop.  This will take about 10 minutes at 28 kbps.  If you are wondering whether is is worth the time, don't. It is.

3) Exit this browser.

4) Click the Chime icon on your desktop to complete the installation.

5) Launch your browser and come back to this page using the bookmark.

6) Right click (PC) or hold down (Macintosh) the mouse button while the cursor is over the molecule to obtain viewing options. Hints: Depressing the mouse button while moving the mouse over the molecule controls rotation - depressing the shift key at the same time controls zoom.

Sialyl Lex

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Sialyl Lea

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(Lectin & EGF Domains)

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