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Mission Statement

To discover and develop a new class of pharmaceutical compounds based on the biological functions of the interactions between glycoconjugates and their receptors.

Currently, GlycoTech is involved in a corporate alliance with Novartis, Basel Switzerland. Our objective is to develop novel compounds to inhibit the interaction of the selectins with their carbohydrate ligands for the treatment of disease (eg. inflammation) or conditions (eg. reperfusion injury) caused by the recruitment of leukocytes to affected tissues.

GlycoTech also maintains a collaborative research agreement with the Chicago Institute for Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch to study the role of carbohydrates in the functioning of the central nervous system. Applications from this research involve novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of brain tumors, Alzheimer's disease, and neurite regeneration.

Many tumor markers defined by monoclonal antibodies have been identified as carbohydrate structures. GlycoTech has developed an extensive data base of monoclonal antibodies directed against carbohydrates and is aggressively pursuing their use in identifying early stages of cancer with several diagnostic companies.

GlycoTech is actively seeking other pharmaceutical partners and offers a combined range of expertise focusing on the Glycobiology area. The corporate structure and strategy of GlycoTech allows its partners to quickly obtain this unique expertise and avoid the obligations encountered with the fixed financial responsiblities associated with internal organic growth. We welcome the opportunity to meet with all interested parties to explore mutually constructive collaborations.



The purpose of this division of GlycoTech is to make techniques and reagents available to all scientists in order to broaden investigations of carbohydrates into other fields of research such as Cell Biology, Immunology, Neurobiology, and Molecular Biology. The first section of the catalog contains some useful protocols written by well known scientists covering a wide range of topics in Glycobiology. The following sections contain a variety of unique carbohydrate reagents that allow many of these protocols to be followed in laboratories not necessarily specializing in Glycobiology. This catalog also welcomes the participation of scientists within this field with the objective to actively support their research and discoveries. GlycoTech's long-term goal is to use our technology and reagents for research towards new discoveries of the biological functions of carbohydrates based on the interaction of glycoconjugates and their receptors. We hope that this catalog fulfills these goals and promotes the application of discoveries to the biomedical community.

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