Synthetic Carbohydrate Polymers and Probes

The study of functional carbohydrate structures in many cases requires that the molecule is derivatized with reporter groups for detection and is presented in a biologically significant multivalent format. The following sections contain synthetic carbohydrate probes in which the carbohydrate is incorporated into a polyacrylamide matrix thereby creating a 30kd multivalent polymer. Unless otherwise stated, approximately every 5th amide group of the polymer chain is N-substituted with biotin in a 4:1 ratio while others contain fluorescein in a ratio of 20:1. The multivalent biotinylated polymers can be used together with streptavidin reporter reagents for enzyme immunoassays, coupling to other fluorescent groups, or for immobilization to a solid support. In cases where multivalency is not required, univalent biotinylated probes are also available. In the last group, sets of polymers containing different molar ratios and thus different densities of carbohydrate groups are available. While these probes cover a wide range of carbohydrate sequences, custom synthesis of particular carbohydrate polymers may be available upon request.

Univalent Biotinylated Probes                     Multivalent Polymers

Multivalent Biotinylated Polymers              Sets of Carbohydrate Polymers

Multivalent Fluoresceinated Polymers

Carbohydrate Polymers for Affinity Electrophoresis

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